• How To Improve Your Memory

    How To Improve Your Memory

    Our brain is a puzzle box. A large portion of our brain remains inactive throughout life and no one really understands the reason. If only we could use the full potential of our brains. Still the portion that we do use is extremely powerful. Sometimes we get frustrated because we cannot remember something or have …

  • 13 Reasons To Avoid Dehydration

    13 Reasons To Avoid Dehydration

    ‘Dehydration is the loss of water and salts essential for normal body function’ Staying hydrated is always very important, especially in the summer when the temperature goes up and environment is unbearably hot. During the summer sweating increases to maintain the body’s internal temperature. Our body loses water naturally through the urine, stool, skin and …

  • 5 Ways People Ruin Their Diet

    5 Ways People Ruin Their Diets

    “I am dieting for few months but don’t gain any success. “ “I used different types of diet plan to reduce weight, but still it is a dream.” “I am now hopeless. Diet and weight loss success is just a story to me.” I’ve heard it all. Yes, these are true comments that come from …

  • Health Risk Women Deal With

    Health Risk Women Deal With

    Many women have to face a several fatal health issues after 40 due to 4 common issues. Heart diseases, cancers, strokes, diabetes, cirrhosis and certain respiratory issues are caused by little issues women deal with. According to various research those leading issues can be avoided or prevented, but first you must learn how to recognize …

  • How To Control Your Anger

    How To Control Your Anger

    Does smoke come out of your ears when your neighbor is blasting music at 2 o’clock in the morning or when someone talking loud on the phone in the library when you’re trying to study? A traffic jam burns your brains? Your non cooperative children are making you short tempered? Your blood pressure rises suddenly …

  • Health Risk Of Tanning

    Be Extra Careful Tanning This Summer

    Health risk and danger of tanning Sometimes the nature of the human being is not easy to understand. People they do various things to feel more attractive. Tanning is one such thing. Sun burnt skin is a desirable look for many people. It is popularized in magazines, TV and media and celebrated by people all …

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