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Top Colon Cleansing Foods

The colon is the final segment of the human digestive system. It starts after the termination of the small intestine. […]

Prevent The Flu

During the winter season it is wise to take extra precautions to avoid sickness and especially the flu. The temperature […]

Audio Health Tips

Here is a collection of Audio Health Tips for the first week of the New Year: Day 1: Peak Flue […]


The Power of Yoga

Are you looking for a new form of exercise to enjoy in the New Year? Try the increasingly popular and […]

Lose holiday pounds

10 Easy Steps to Lose Those Holiday Pounds

Keep a journal for a few days to record your food intake and physical activity.  This can help you determine […]

sugar or artificial sweetner substitutes?

Are Artificial Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

Whether or not artificial sweeteners are actually a healthier alternative to sugar has been a question scientists have been studying […]

good mood food

Secrets To Giving Your Mood An Extra Boost

Secrets to Giving Your Mood an Extra Boost Can different foods actually affect your mood?  And instead of appetite cravings, […]


QUICK TIPS: ALLERGY REMEDIES The best way to stay away from the Claritin and other allergy meds is to clean […]

Preventing Heart Attacks

Preventing Heart Attacks

Heart attacks from coronary atherosclerosis may be one of the most easily preventable epidemic diseases of modern civilization, especially if […]

Healthy Fats

The FAT Paradox

Including fats in your daily meals may actually help you. The word “Fat” has become synonymous with high cholesterol and […]