December, 2013

Audio Health Tips

Here is a collection of Audio Health Tips for the first week of the New Year: Day 1: Peak Flue […]

The Power of Yoga

Are you looking for a new form of exercise to enjoy in the New Year? Try the increasingly popular and […]

Quinoa Superfood

Quinoa Superfood

This superfood seems to be becoming more and more popular as American’s begin to pay much needed attention to healthy […]

Lose holiday pounds

10 Easy Steps to Lose Those Holiday Pounds

Keep a journal for a few days to record your food intake and physical activity.  This can help you determine […]

How To Keep A New Year's Resolution

How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

Many people enjoy setting goals for themselves every January 1st, so that they can start the New Year even better […]

Heart Health

Heal Your Heart with Cardio

There are many lifestyle risks that can lead to Heart Disease, the most common cause of death in the United […]

Healthy Heart

Hereditary Heart Disease

Every time you visit your doctor, the nurse usually spends a good amount of time asking you questions about your […]

Healthy Holidays Pita Trees Recipe

Healthy Holidays: Pita Trees Recipe

Whole-wheat pita pockets cut in triangles, spread with Guacamole, and sprinkled with Diced tomatoes or diced red bell peppers. Add […]

Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Foods To Lower Cholesterol

The number one cause of death in America is Heart Disease.  A big contributor to the cardiovascular condition is high […]

sugar or artificial sweetner substitutes?

Are Artificial Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

Whether or not artificial sweeteners are actually a healthier alternative to sugar has been a question scientists have been studying […]