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How to Keep a New Year’s Resolution

Many people enjoy setting goals for themselves every January 1st, so that they can start the New Year even better […]

Heal Your Heart with Cardio

There are many lifestyle risks that can lead to Heart Disease, the most common cause of death in the United […]

Healthy Heart

Hereditary Heart Disease

Every time you visit your doctor, the nurse usually spends a good amount of time asking you questions about your […]

Healthy Holidays Pita Trees Recipe

Healthy Holidays: Pita Trees Recipe

Whole-wheat pita pockets cut in triangles, spread with Guacamole, and sprinkled with Diced tomatoes or diced red bell peppers. Add […]

Foods To Lower Cholesterol

Foods To Lower Cholesterol

The number one cause of death in America is Heart Disease.  A big contributor to the cardiovascular condition is high […]

sugar or artificial sweetner substitutes?

Are Artificial Sweeteners Better Than Sugar?

Whether or not artificial sweeteners are actually a healthier alternative to sugar has been a question scientists have been studying […]

good mood food

Secrets To Giving Your Mood An Extra Boost

Secrets to Giving Your Mood an Extra Boost Can different foods actually affect your mood?  And instead of appetite cravings, […]

Healthy Roasted Potatoes

Healthy Roasted Potatoes

“Choose King Edward or Maris Piper potatoes to get the best results when making this lower-fat roastie recipe – crisp […]

Pregnancy Nutrition

Shocking Facts About Pregnancy Nutrition That Every Woman Should Know

Having a regular, balanced diet can be challenging to maintain in our fast-paced, eat as you go society, but getting […]