5 Ways People Ruin Their Diets

5 Ways People Ruin Their Diet

“I am dieting for few months but don’t gain any success. “

“I used different types of diet plan to reduce weight, but still it is a dream.”

“I am now hopeless. Diet and weight loss success is just a story to me.”

I’ve heard it all. Yes, these are true comments that come from people with the best intentions to stick to their diet. We all want to be healthy. You try your hardest to reduce your weight and be a healthy person.

You start by choosing a strong diet plan. Most of the days of a week, you follow it strictly. But after certain measures you are still gaining pounds each month.

Some people say, it’s genetic, some criticize you about your diet plan, and some people just laugh at your effort. So, you are frustrated and get bored about your fruitless hard work.

Do you know the truth? You are ruining your diet in ways that can be avoided easily if you know what to do.


Let’s see how you are ruining your diet.


1. You feel that you must skip certain days.

Yes, some social occasions may ruin your diet. Maybe your favorite food is on the dining table. Your mouth starts to water and so you give in. Your internal dialog says, “I might as well skip the whole day since I already failed and had a cookie for breakfast.” Unfortunately, skipping the whole day is not the answer.  Every day that you can stick to your diet, the better you will be. Many hunger pains come from being malnourished and not having the appropriate vitamins and minerals. If you can supplement with a good quality mineral, then it you will feel more satisfied and won’t be as tempted to cheat on your diet. If you have a cheat day, then don’t move it around. Stick to one day per week to cheat on your diet. If you fail to cheat, then so be it. Don’t plan an additional cheat day or move your cheat day to another time.  Don’t lose your aim for a moment. Control yourself. Try to be strict on your diet plan. Then you can rightly assess the effectiveness of it.

2. Common low calorie(!) food intake:

It’s too hot. Why not drink a fruit juice?
Bad idea!
Don’t ruin your diet. Most beverages as well fruit juices are not light in calories.  Do you know the amount of sugar that is in your so called nutritious fruit juice?
Most people ruin their diets by what they drink rather than what they eat.
A Coca Cola can contain 140 kilocalories and 40 grams of sugar (10 teaspoons).
An apple juice cane contains- 165 kilocalories and 39 grams of sugar (9.8 teaspoons). Even some contains more than 20 tea spoons. (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10746588/Fruit-juices-and-smoothies-contain-horrifying-sugar-levels.html )
So, If you only drink 2 cans of coke or 2 cups of juice in a day, you are taking about 300 kilocalories in extra energy.
Do you drink coffee or tea a minimum 4-5 times in a day. Coffee and hot tea can be good for you, but not with all the milk and sugar most people add to it. Avoid doctoring up your coffee and tea and it will significantly help you.

3. Dieting without exercise!

Is it true? Are you trying to get fit by dieting? It is very difficult to reach your goal when you do not exercise.
Light to moderate exercises are needed to metabolize and consume extra food energy. Strict dieting may hinder your weight gain but it exercising will help burn fat. Theoretically it is possible to lose weight, if you live with a starving diet plan, but why do things the hard way.
Exercise not only helps to reduce your weight it also helps in hundreds of ways to be healthy and fit. So try to exercise at least 30 minutes per day.

4. Surrounded with too many well wishers or advisers?

Avoid surrounding yourself with too many dietitians. Everyone wants to provide advice on what you should or should not do.  Some dietitians describe carbohydrates, super food, diet supplements, diet fiber…blah…blah…blah…this advice will confuse you in many ways.
Some other well wisher will try to flatter you about your acceptable good figure with a negative attitude concerning your diet plan. Even food lovers may insist you to eat and break your diet.
If your family members are not on a diet plan then they may tease you. Therefore, you must be strong and just ignore the multitude of opinions.

5. Do you believe myths?

Do you think carbohydrates are only for your weight gain?
Fat should be strictly prohibited?
Carbohydrate containing foods are main source of different vitamins and mineral. So without proper amount of carbohydrate you will not gain energy and may suffer from multiple vitamin and mineral deficiencies.
Do you know some types of fat are essential for your body? Without them body structures and metabolic process can be stopped. Without regular fat in your diet certain vitamins such as- Vitamin A, D, E, K will not be absorbed from your gastro intestinal tract.
Learn to recognize the difference between myths and the truth. When you are aware of these five things which are ruining your diet, you will be on track to reaching your goals.


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