Why Are Americans Overweight?

Why are Americans Overweight?

Most of the Americans are above the average weight, which should be maintained according to the height and the age. It is estimated that an average American individual has more 23 pounds than the standard weight.  This is something unique to America. Obesity is not not same in other developed countries such as the UK, France, and Germany etc..

According to reliable research if the trend of obesity continues, the majority of US citizens will become overweight or the victims of obesity by 2030. The rate of obesity has been increasing in the American society during the last 3 decades. It is calculated that there will be 86% overweight adults in the country in 2030, and a large sum of money will be spent in order to answer the health related issues of those people. The unnatural increasing rate of obesity in America is a problem, and there are several explanations.

Reasons for becoming overweight in America

  • Stress plays a greater part in making people fat. It is said that the rate of stress is very high for Americans compared to other societies around the world. The stress has become a part of the life for many people. Scientists have described the issue with stress very clearly.  When a person is in a stressful condition, a large amount of cortisol is released as a result of hormonal activity. The cortisol stimulates the storage of fat in the body. The higher level of cortisol can initiate several other activities in the body. These activities include the increase of the fat synthesis, the breakdown of body tissues and the suppression of the nervous system. Each of these can be responsible for unusual weight gain. Being fat is stressful and it alone can make someone fatter. If you feel fat, then you may be stressed out and increase your eating or give up. The first step to lowering your stress is to start making small decisions to improve your health.
  • The inactive lifestyle in the American society has become another critical issue. This is probably the biggest reason Americans are getting fatter. Maybe there are not enough recreational facilities (parks, fitness centers, ect.). However, most people do not exercise due to busy schedules, stress, and simply because it is comfortable to be inactive.
  • The trending reason Americans are becoming obese is the amount of food we consume. Every restaurant, hotel and grocery store promotes large portions. Want to Supersize your combo meal? Not only is there an abundance of fast and unhealthy food, but you can also order everything in small, medium or large portions. The small size is actually the opposite of small. The more people eat, the more their stomachs are stretched and then they need more food to fill full. So they eat more for the next meal and the cycle continues until the person is obese.

As a result of the above factors, the rate of overweight and obesity has been increasing in the American society. This cycle needs to stop. It is hard for Americans to eat and live healthy, but overtime it gets easier and the benefits make up for the difficulty.

To reverse the trend start thinking about what you eat. Discipline yourself to do a daily workout routine. Take a quality fat reducing supplement or lower your stress. There are many small changes you can make to increase your health.  The best way to curb cravings is to be nutritionally satisfied. If you have the nutrients and minerals your body needs, then you will not have as many cravings. Your energy level will likely increase and your mood will be more positive. Feeling good always promotes healthier choices. A quality mineral supplement is easy to take and can work wonders.

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