The Power of Yoga


Are you looking for a new form of exercise to enjoy in the New Year? Try the increasingly popular and beneficial workout, Yoga.  This is a great program for men and women of all ages due to its flexibility, strength, and balance building. It’s important to build all three, especially in older adults, to maintain bone, joint, and muscle function.  Injury prevention, increased joint lubrication, strong core muscles and better posture makes practicing Yoga almost medically necessary to some adults. Calcium Hydroxyapatite is also extremely beneficial for joint support. Some people take Calcium Hydroxyapatite with a yoga exercise in order to increase their joint support.

Joint SupportA new study has recently come out suggesting that yoga may also help immune function.  The journal, Plos One, reports that Yoga may initiate a “relaxation response” that positively effects gene expression.  The research is ongoing and they are still discovering the extent of the physiological benefits.  It would not be surprising if there was a vast amount of positive responses to Yoga, because humans have been performing this therapeutic practice for over 5,000 years.

When looking for a yoga class, it is important to choose an instructor that follows a pace you are comfortable with.  Some instructors teach power yoga which can be a lot more vigorous than traditional meditative yoga.  Also, this practice is not supposed to hurt.  Do not overstretch and do not feel threatened by more advanced students.  They were once beginners too.  When it comes down to it though, balancing weekly aerobic exercise with strength building is necessary for all over physical health. It never hurts to try something new, and you might be surprised how relaxing and stress reducing yoga can be.

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