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photo credit: rick via photopin cc


The best way to stay away from the Claritin and other allergy meds is to clean up your environment and reduce indoor allergens and food allergies. Prevention is the key to controlling allergens that your family are exposed to. Leading allergy experts believe this year’s allergy season will be longer than usual due to more moisture this past winter and the warmer temperatures earlier this spring.

Water and warmer temperatures boost tree pollen. You know, that yellow stuff on your car. If you want to stay drug-free and beat allergies, the Mayo Clinic recommends these preventive tips.

  1. Keep your windows closed.
  2. Remove your shoes to eliminate tracking pollen into your home.
  3. Shower before bed and wash your sheets weekly.
  4. Keep pet indoors and bathe and brush them regularly to reduce outdoor pollutants from being brought into your home and on your furniture and bed.
  5. Avoid inflammatory foods, like gluten flour, sugar, and dairy.

Worse areas in the U.S.
The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, reports that Jackson, Mississippi, will suffer the most allergies in 2013. They say Chattanooga and Knoxville, Tennessee will also be among the top areas of the country to avoid long-term outside activities or exposure.

Spring cleaning to reduce allergens
May flowers bring seasonal allergies but don’t be concerned of only the hay fever, indoor allergens can be just as bothersome. Spring clean your entire house, especially drapes, carpet and furniture to remove dust mites. Use only natural and unscented cleaners, dryer sheets, shampoos and soaps to reduce chemical pollutants. Then keep your pets well groomed, your windows closed, and try sleeping with a good HEPA air filter in your bedroom to keep the air clean.

Natural allergy remedies
Before you reach for the usual over-the-counter allergy medicine, try natural ways to prevent and manage a runny nose, itchy eyes, sore throat and coughing. Respiratory allergies most commonly occur from indoor and outdoor pollutants like asbestos, smoke, dust, pollen and mold spores. Respiratory allergies are due to excess accumulation of mucus in the body, which harbor these pollutants. Steroid drugs will reduce mucus and inflammation but they are not a cure and can make allergies worse by depressing immune defenses and inhibit allergen elimination. Boost your immune system by detoxing your body by eating right and using herbal teas.

Detox by eating non-mucus forming foods
Eating non-mucus forming foods can be an important part of relieving sinus pressure and detoxify your blood and liver to neutralize histamine reactions that cause allergen inflammation in your body. Fresh vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and uncooked foods with active enzymes and cultures, such as yogurt, are great non-mucus forming foods. Try eating more paleo recipes and anti-inflammatory foods high in vitamin C like citrus and berries, oily seafood and sulfur-rich cabbage, onions and garlic. Eat plenty of omega-3 essential fatty acids from flaxseed or fish to reduce inflammation.

Avoid inflammatory foods
Avoid preserved foods, salt-laden canned foods, sugary foods, and caffeine that increase swelling. Dairy products are fatty mucus-forming foods that are a major cause of inflammation. All inflammatory foods increase symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, fibromyalgia, joint pain, and allergies.

Herbal Teas
Naturopathic doctor John Silverman recommends drinking three to five cups of nettle tea throughout the day as a natural anti-histamine. Other herbal teas containing dandelion and milk thistle also help elevate allergy symptoms.

Staying allergy free is not impossible. Start living a healthier lifestyle and you will begin feeling less stiffness, sinus irritation, swelling and allergy symptoms when you decrease inflammation and indoor pollutants. Boost you immune system by eating right and supplementing your diet with good herbs, omega’s, vitamin C, and a good daily multivitamin.


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