Best Source of Amino Acids

Amino acids play a crucial role in everyone’s body but it is more apparent in athletes and people who participate in strenuous activities. Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, our bodies use them to rebuild damaged tissue and also make new tissue when stimulated to do so.

There are 22 total standard amino acids and of those 22 our bodies can only produce 14 of them. The other 8 need to be in our dietary intake. These 8 amino acids are known as the essential amino acids. The other 14 are known as the disposable amino acids because we can make them within our bodies as needed.

So Where Do You Get Amino Acids?

The best sources of amino acids are in proteins. Understanding the makeup up of amino acids would help you realize that because protein is made of amino acids, so it makes sense that the best source of amino acids is from protein itself. The body breaks down protein and uses the amino acids within to create its own tissue. Think of it as taking down an old brick house and using those bricks to repair and re-create your own brick house.Amino Acids

All the animal protein sources you are already familiar with are good sources of amino acids. Things like chicken, beef and fish. If you are not into eating animal products or meat in particular there are other options. Eggs, beans and legumes can give you amino acids as well although they will not be as abundant as in animal proteins like poultry.

Amino Acid Supplements

Whether you eat animal protein or not, it cannot always be assumed that your body is getting an optimal amount of amino acids from dietary sources (vegans especially have to worry about their amino acid intake). Many performance athletes use amino acid supplements so they know that their body can recover from strenuous activity optimally.

Along with recovery, athletes want to increase strength and performance. Amino acid supplements can give you all 8 of the essential amino acids as well as a boost of some of the non-essential amino acids to ensure you are recovering and re-building at an optimal level.

If you’re looking for a complete amino acid supplement, check out Amino 3000 packed with a powerful blend of 21 amino acids.


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