How Does Oxygen Help The Brain?

how does oxygen help the brain?

The brain is the most important organ of the body. It consists of a special type of cells, called neurons. It is the control center of every process in the human body. Therefore, special attention and nutrition should be given to the brain. The brain is a complex structure, so it must be fed in an efficient manner. In order to feed the brain there must be good blood supply. This blood transports the nutrients and gases needed for energy production as well as the growth, repair and sends oxygen to the maintenance functions of the brain.

Energy is very important as the brain is a very active organ. Oxygen is one of the most vital necessities of the brain. Doctors can check the Oxygen concentration of the blood using a piece of equipment called a pulse oximeter. The brain needs three times more Oxygen than the muscles, due to its activity. Therefore, the oxygen supply should be kept high for optimal functioning of the body. The brain cells are very sensitive to the concentration of Oxygen and if there is not enough oxygen in the blood, the brain will begin to shut down. Therefore the oxygen supply should be maintained in the proper manner.

What does a lack of oxygen do to the brain?

One condition is called cerebral hypoxia, and this occurs, when there is not an adequate supply of oxygen to the brain. This situation is very dangerous and can be a result of any type of interception with the intake of the breath such as, exposure to smoke, carbon monoxide in the air, high altitude, high pressure on the windpipe, choking or any other situation where you cannot breathe.

How to maintain a good oxygen supply to the brain

  • Refrain from working in areas that are not properly ventilated.
  • The proper breathing method, which uses the nose for the intake of air, should be practiced.
  • Body weight should be controlled and maintained, as it affects the rhythm of breathing.
  • Don’t smoke, as it damages the efficiency of the lungs
  • A person in critical condition must be provided with an artificial supply of Oxygen
  • Exercise to develop a good breathing rhythm.
  • A good oxygen supplement can be also taken to help support proper oxygen levels

Not many people think or talk about brain health, but it is extremely important. Don’t wait until there is a problem before deciding to take small steps to improve your health.

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