Shocking Facts About Pregnancy Nutrition That Every Woman Should Know

Pregnancy Nutrition

Having a regular, balanced diet can be challenging to maintain in our fast-paced, eat as you go society, but getting the essential vitamins and minerals your body needs to function on a daily basis is vital for preventing disease and maintaining health. There has always been speculation on whether or not taking a daily multi-vitamin is necessary, but more people are beginning to pick up the smart and widely recommended habit.  The increase in scientific studies on this issue shows that there are numerous life-saving benefits, and the reasons to add these supplements to your daily routine outweigh any reasons against it.

Women in their childbearing years (commonly 13 years old to as late as age 50) have even more reason to consider a multivitamin.

Pregnant Women Need A Multivitamin

A sufficient Folic Acid supply is vital for pregnancy nutrition because it decreases the risk of birth defects, such as Spina Bifida, and other neural tube failings. The recommendation is to have the correct doses of Folate at least six months before even becoming pregnant.  This is why a multi-vitamin can prove very necessary for women who could become pregnant, in case of unplanned pregnancies, and also plan ahead mothers who should have pregnancy nutrition as a high priority.  There are four types of Spina Bifida, and this mother’s nightmare is the most common neural tube defect affecting millions of newborns in the country each year.

Of course women are not the only ones who benefit from the supplement.  A vast amount of the population is deficient in vitamin D, vital for bone strength and decreasing the risk for osteoporosis.  Another common nutrient that should be supplemented in many cases is Vitamin E.  The tocopherols and tocotrienols in this vitamin may decrease risk for heart disease, build the immune system, and even promote brain health.  The list goes on and on, including the benefits of necessary minerals commonly included in the ingredients.  With the variety in a multi-vitamin, men and women of all ages benefit.

Some Common Ingredients in Multi-vitamins and a Summary of Benefits:

Vitamin A- Vision and Organ Function
Vitamin C- Antioxidant
Vitamin D- Bone Health and Calcium Absorption
Vitamin E- Immune System Health
Vitamin B12- Blood Cell Maintenance
Niacin- Cardiovascular Health
Folic Acid- DNA and Genetic Material Formation; Pregnancy Nutrition
Biotin- Hair and Nail Growth
Calcium- Hormone Balance and Bone Structure
Zinc- Immune System


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