Smart & Healthy Drinks

Smart & Healthy Drinks

Don’t believe the hype that all those energy and sport drinks are good for you! The best drink to quench your thirst is water. It’s calorie-free and you should be consuming at least 8 cups per day (64 ounces). Water hydrates your skin, helps remove toxins, and helps fight constipation. If you feel the need for flavor, here are some good low-calorie drink ideas that won’t lead to weight gain or diabetes.

1. Flavored Water is a great refreshing, healthy drink. Try a splash 100% fruit juice or a squeeze of lemon or lime in your water glass. You can make delicious cherry, grape or cranberry flavored water that even the kids will enjoy.

2. Coffee and Tea are calorie-free, as long as you use all natural stevia or artificial sweeteners and leave out the cream. They are safe for most people and may even have some health benefits.

3. Stevia Sweetened Drinks are calorie-free and the new branded Truvia is now available in most stores and restaurants.

The best advice is to kick the sugar habit and refrain from fruit juices, sodas, and sport drinks. If you are not an athlete replenishing lost electrolytes and carbs from a high-intensity workout, just one 8oz can of these sugary drinks every day can increase your weight gain up to 15 pounds in a year.

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