Diet Inspirations

Dieting Inspirations

Successful dieting can be accomplished without starving yourself. You just have to learn what foods to eat and what not to eat. Of course, exercise helps too. The first good rule of thumb is “moderation”. The other is to avoid refined foods such as processed snacks, processed flour, and processed sugar.

All the good fats and nutrients are removed from refined foods to increase their shelf life. Complex carbs are refined sugar and flour. Try eating more natural fruits and wholefoods that contain no added sugar. Low carb diets do work but only cut out the refined carbs to keep your sanity. Many people are despondent and are searching for good recipes. One of our favorite alternative ways of thinking natural and wholesome is to eat more Paleo foods and recipes. You can google Paleo recipes and foods for great snack ideas and wholesome meals.

During the ancient Paleo era people only ate natural foods because this was before the invention of refined or and process foods. Diabetes, obesisty, and heart disease rarely existed until processed fast foods became the food of choice. So instead of reaching for the instant grits or oatmeal, take an extra 5 minutes and prepare your family a hearty meal from fresh oats, grains, nuts, fruits and vegetables. Stay away from complex carbs, triglycerides, and frozen or canned veggies.

You don’t always have to buy organic but think fresh and natural for successful weight management and blood sugar control. Eat everything in moderation and pace yourself. Let your brain catch up to your stomach and take portions of meat, veggies, and a starch that are each no larger than your fist. Also begin a daily 10-minute walking routine that you expand to a full 30-minute aerobic cardio workout.

Great Paleo recipes to look for are Paleo Pancakes, Paleo Pizza, and Paleo Spaghetti.


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