Be Extra Careful Tanning This Summer

Health Risk Of Tanning

Health risk and danger of tanning

Sometimes the nature of the human being is not easy to understand. People they do various things to feel more attractive. Tanning is one such thing. Sun burnt skin is a desirable look for many people. It is popularized in magazines, TV and media and celebrated by people all across America. Most of the tourists flock to tropical countries in order to sunbathe and to make their skin tan. The ultraviolet rays in the sunlight damages the skin and in order to protect the skin the body creates more pigments to heal the skin. The tanning occurs as a result of increased number of pigments. It looks great, but is brings many health hazards to the body. It is not really worth the risk, but people will likely never stop tanning or acknowledge the risk. They try faster and effective methods to get their skin tanned. Artificial UV generators have been introduced to the market and many people make it a daily ritual to visit a tanning booth. By using direct UV radiation, they can tan the skin faster than the natural sunlight and it offers more and more health issues which cannot be corrected. Tanning beds are very common among the younger generation. These devices emit 15 times higher intensity of UV than the sunlight and it is extremely harmful. The tanning process is directly connected with the following health risks

Skin cancer

Skin cancers have become very common among the people with tanned skins. They have to undergo various types of treatments and surgeries in order to get rid of the issue. The people who have used the artificial UV devices are highly exposed to the risk of cancers.

Burns and injury to the skin and eyes

You do not want to suffer from burnt skin or eyes. A Sunburn is all too popular during the warm months of summer. Most people forget to wear protection from the sun and others do it on purpose. I’ve met many people who love getting burned. They don’t like the feeling or the peeling skin, but they think it makes them look better after. This is by no means the best way to get a tan.

Premature aging of the skin

Tanned skin is not properly nourished so it will become weathered earlier than unburnt skin. Long term exposure to UV radiation causes the skin to look terrible. Therefore, try to use sunscreen and take special precautions when you go out into the sun.

Allergic reactions

The chemicals and other agents can penetrate the skin very easily so there will be a lot of allergic reactions. The skin is not able to protect the body from the harmful substances in the environment. The health factor of the body will be very weak, as diseases can contaminate very easily.


It is a type of skin cancer, which makes the skin, unpleasant and creates several other health issues. It is one of the results of the overexposure to the UV radiation in tanning devices and in the strong sunlight.

The world health organization has recognized these UV radiation devices as unhealthy tools. In certain parts of the USA children, who are under 17, have to offer the parents’ permission in black and white to get the service of tanning devices.

If you want to get tan, then build it up slowly and don’t stay in the sun too much. Getting some sun is good for you and can helps people get the appropriate amount of Vitamin D. However, too much sun is damaging. Wear sunscreen always and protective clothing or sunglasses and re-apply sunscreen often. Cycle in and out of the sun and make sure that you don’t get sunburned to lower your risk. Over the course of Summer you will probably get a little tan naturally.

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