Health Risk Women Deal With

Health Risk Women Deal With

Many women have to face a several fatal health issues after 40 due to 4 common issues. Heart diseases, cancers, strokes, diabetes, cirrhosis and certain respiratory issues are caused by little issues women deal with. According to various research those leading issues can be avoided or prevented, but first you must learn how to recognize these issues and deal with them properly.

Issue #1: Stress

As a result of a competitive life style, stress has become very common among people, and it is very familiar to females.  Stress can harm a person in many ways and will affect the functions of the body.  Stress can be caused by economical problems, issues in the work force, family trouble, social issues or diseases. Since this is a very common problem. Women in particular need to work hard to avoid and minimize stress.

Issue #2: Smoking/drinking

Surprisingly, smoking and drinking is one of the greatest issues for the women. The majority of the smokers are in the risk of cancers, strokes and other heart related issues. I know that smoking is a difficult habit to let go of, but smoke can be very harmful to your health. Unfortunately, stress and the smoking have a close relationship. Therefore, try to reduce stress and hopefully you can reduce a smoking habit. Women should also avoid passive smoking. Every choice to refrain is a healthy choice. Smoking is directly associated with cancers, respiratory diseases and immature births.

The consumption of the alcoholic beverages can be harmful to the functions of the brain and the liver, and sometimes they have to face the risk of the cirrhosis. A glass of wine may have some health benefits, but moderation must be practiced for good health. Forming a drinking habit is not a good idea for your health. Women who drink too much alcohol can really damage their body.

Issue #3: Obesity  

Females represent the highest percentage of people who deal with obesity and being overweight is harmful, as it can increase the vulnerability to many diseases. It can also decrease the efficiency of a person’s work. A balanced diet and proper exercises can be very essential in order to have a healthy and active lifestyle. A healthy diet can lower the percentage of body weight and reduce heart diseases, cancers and increase the efficiency of the immune system.

Issue #4: Inadequate Nutrition

It is sad, but most of the women are not interested in having a balanced diet. Having an unbalanced diet makes our list because it is harmful and underestimated. As a result of lack of essential nutrients, the immune system is no able to perform in the required manner.  The situation directly affects the aging process. Therefore, the signs of aging in the body become more apparent and the body is more vulnerable to diseases.

Women can have a healthy life, if they avoid these major issues and take the small steps toward a healthy lifestyle. One of the best decisions a woman can make is to take a daily multivitamin. Quality supplementation can pick up the slack from an inadequate diet. Proper understanding of these factors can make a significant difference in your quality of life. So don’t keep these issues a secret.  Letting your lady friends know about these issues may save the world from many health problems and women everywhere may be able to keep the early signs of aging at bay.


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