Americans Rank 17th Worst Health at Every Age

Americans Rank 17th Worst Health at Every Age

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New research finds that Americans rank 17th worst in health according to The National Academies Press. The study found that Americans are not living as long even though they spend more than twice in healthcare than any other country.

All of our life experiences and choices of eating healthy and exercising has carried you through today, but how long will you really live? Your health habits may have been for nothing if your body is starving for nutrition.

Americans do not realize that our foods have limited nutritional value. Even the best organically grown produce that is pesticide free does not contain any more nutrients than ordinary foods. So how can you solve the problem?

In an exclusive interview with author Gordon Filepas, his new book Lean And Healthy to 100 explains seven daily steps that provide simple knowledge to prevent reoccurring allergies, cold symptoms and overall poor health. These common sense steps are an interesting read that teaches how to live a better lifestyle, providing a nutritional foundation for longevity that is easy to do on a daily basis, without deprivation or hunger.

One of the steps focuses on the fact that the body is made up of nearly 84% minerals. Your hair, skin, nails, bones, teeth, eyes, brain, and organs are all made of minerals. So how can you have good health if you don’t eat your minerals? You can’t because foods are mineral deficient! This is why Lean And Health to 100 recommends taking a full-spectrum plant based mineral supplement that contains 75 trace minerals in addition to the six other life extending simple steps to live longer.

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    I actually already read this guy’s book mentioned in this article as I heard them on the Disney Channel. It’s the best health book I’ve ever read and I’m a health nut who reads everything he can. Unbelievably simple yet comprehensive. This guy deserves a Nobel Prize for making everything so simple to understand follow.

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