Antioxidant Overdose

High antioxidants overdose

Photo credit: VinothChandar / / CC BY

Antioxidants have been shown to beneficial for general health as well as fighting certain diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease, and arthritis which can extend life expectancy. Antioxidants are used to combat pro-oxidants which can increase inflammation, lead to heart disease, cell damage, and even cancer. However, are antioxidants safe and efficient? How much is considered a safe amount, and how much is too much?

The body tries to keep a delicate balance of nutrients, and upsetting this balance can lead to cardiovascular issues as well as reducing the body’s ability to transport oxygen in the body. There needs to be a balance of pro-oxidants and antioxidants. An excess of antioxidants can actually lead to sever health problems, especially in the elderly.

A research study from Kansas State University tested animals with different doses of antioxidants. The animals that were given higher doses of antioxidants showed weakened muscle response. The study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology also added “’We’re now learning that if antioxidant therapy takes away hydrogen peroxide – or other naturally occurring vasodilators – you impair the body’s ability to deliver oxygen to the muscle so that it doesn’t work properly.”

An excess of antioxidants from either foods or supplementation can prevent the body from preforming its natural necessarily functions, leading to further health problems. A well-made daily multi-vitamin like Angel Wings Complete Multi with quality ingredients is a good enough source of antioxidants for most cases. On top of including a powerful antioxidant blend with over 30 antioxidants, it also provides you with fiber, herbs, amino acids, and 146 other nutrients in one serving.

Too much of anything is generally not good for you, and antioxidants are no exception to that expression. With their increase in popularity, they have become a new trend and promoted as something you should get more of. That’s not to say you shouldn’t incorporate antioxidants in your diet, but it should be in moderation. A healthy diet high in fruits and vegetables combined with a good multivitamin supplement like Angel Wings with quality ingredients and antioxidants is usually enough for the needs of most people. Anything in excess is probably a waste, and will do more harm than good in most cases.


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