How To Decrease Your Appetite & Eat Less

how to decrease your appetite

Eating everything you see is a good way to get fat. If you are already overweight, then it is a good way to stay unhealthy. As hard as it is to consume healthy food, eating must be controlled. The cravings for food must be avoided; otherwise you will more than you should and feel bad due to inflammation, gas, unbalanced blood sugar levels, etc. There are countless issues that arise from eating too much.

How to curb your cravings

There are several types of food, which can reduce your appetite and limit the consumption of food. You definitely want to reduce eating between meals or extra meals. The foods listed below contain adequate nutrients for a good snack or light meal to help you cut back.


This is a member of the plum family, and is sometimes referred to as a dried plum. They are rich in carbohydrates and fiber, so be careful not to eat too many or you may need to use the bathroom more than usual. Prunes are often recommended as a preventative for constipation. This can be eaten as a whole fruit or with seeds, nuts and other types of dried fruits. You can also have a prune with your fruit smoothies or oatmeal.

Flax seeds

This can be very useful as it has 8 grams of fiber in each ounce. The fiber will reduce the craving for food and it also helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Flax seeds can be easily included in your meals, as it can be sprinkled over salads, cereals, vegetables, etc. Consuming flax seeds with your Soup.


Drinking a cup of soup broth before the meal can cut off the appetite. Soup broth can be very helpful for dieters, who are suffering from inflammation. Try to consume homemade soup. Store bought soup contains a lot of salt.
Adding a few vegetables to your soup can be delicious and beneficial as well. Not only will it reduce hunger, but it will also limit the caloric intake.

Some people drink a glass of water before a meal instead. Liquid is filling and expands food in your stomach so that you feel full and chose not to over eat.

Vegetable salad

Another way to reduce cravings is by eating a salad, which is made of cabbage, spinach, and other fresh vegetables. Just make sure to avoid calorie rich dressings and cheese. You can even add 4-ounces of cooked turkey, chicken, beef or even one cup of beans to make the salad a complete meal that will satisfy you until the next meal.


This is a very useful grain, which can offer the satisfaction to the stomach and to supply the nutrition for the body. For the best result, it is better to purchase steel-cut oats, rather than buying instant oatmeal. The first type has higher amounts of fiber and healthy carbohydrate and instant oatmeal has too much sugar. Try eating your oatmeal with flax seeds, and fruits to double up on reducing hunger.

Consuming the right foods will be difficult at first, especially if you are not used to controlling the times when you eat. However, developing good eating habits will help you control your weight and stay healthy.

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