What is Oxygen Therapy?

What is oxygen therapy

Oxygen therapy is a controversial, but effective alternative to medicine where oxygen is used as a medical intervention. It is no surprise that oxygen is needed to live, but how much oxygen should we have in our body? Room air is made up of only 21% oxygen. When you breathe, oxygen is being supplied to the lungs and administered to body tissues. This process is essential for cell metabolism and overall good health, but unfortunately, many people do not maintain the oxygen levels they need. Therefore, many people have sought to take an oxygen supplement.

What’s the big deal with oxygen bars?

In the 1990’s oxygen bars were introduced to the United States and became a trend started to spread across the states, but became hindered by regulation. The American Lung Association says that inhaling oxygen at an oxygen bar is unlikely to provide a beneficial physiological effect. People with a medical condition are encouraged to get oxygen supplements, but not from oxygen bars because they say that if they inhale too much oxygen, they can stop breathing.

oxygen supplementThe biggest concern with oxygen bars is the flavored oxygen. Some establishments use food grade particles for the aroma, but others use oils that are not safe. Generally, It is best to get a safe oxygen supplement from different source.

Do I need Oxygen therapy or an oxygen supplement if I am out of breath?

Having a shortness of breath is a poor indicator of oxygen levels. In fact, you can be out of breath and have a sufficient amount of oxygen in your blood stream. If you are out of breath from exercising, then you may need oxygen. Exercising requires more oxygen and many people have experience improvement in their ability to exercise while taking oxygen.

Take a safe oxygen supplement

Many oxygen providers are careful not to make any claims, but people definitely notice the difference in taking an oxygen supplement. Taking an oxygen supplement supports immune function, heart health, and mitochondria for energy production. We all know that oxygen is good for your health. The key is to find the right supplement that provides safe oxygen. Try taking a good oxygen supplement and then let us know about the benefits you experience.

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