The Cons of Plant-Based Nutrition

The Cons of Plant-Based Nutrition

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Generally speaking the health of the world is in shambles. People of all ages are in poor health, mostly due to lack of nutrition. This is a surprise to many because they are eating three supposedly well balanced meals every day. The problem lies in the foods we eat. The foods we get today lack nutritional value due to mineral deficiencies in the soil where our foods are grown. Naturally, if there are few minerals in the soil there will be few minerals in plant grown foods.

Our top soil contains a mere fraction of minerals today as compared to thousands of years ago. This is due to wind and rain erosion, two hundred years of unwise farming practices and now potent chemical fertilizers. Today, you have to eat five carrots to obtain the same nutritional value that one carrot provided 80 years ago. Thousands of years ago there were as many as 80 to 90 minerals in the average top soil. Present day studies of top soils around the world have found an average no more than 18 to 20 minerals.

This problem will continue to get worse! How bad will it get? No one knows for sure. We do know the top soil in North America, on average, contains 30% fewer minerals today than it did 100 years ago. Based on the past, foods 200 years from now will have very few minerals and little nutritional value.

Minerals are the structural foundation of the human body. Without the proper amount of minerals in the body, nothing in the nutritional field is beneficial. Vitamins and most recognized anti-oxidants are practically worthless in the absence of minerals. You have surely heard that major minerals are important but do you realize that if you are lacking just one trace mineral your health may be affected. If you lack copper or tin your hair is probably turning gray or thinning. Molybdenum is a trace mineral that helps prevent tooth decay. And, according to the Chung S. Yang study on esophageal cancer, the low levels of molybdenum in the sandy top soil between Asia and the Middle East has been linked to increased rates of esophageal cancer. This may be one reason Dr. Linus Pauling, Dr. Gary Price Todd and many others repeatedly said the body needs at least 60 trace minerals to sustain good health. But, where can you get 60+ trace minerals?

Today, an ancient deposit of Senonian Vegetate™ containing a comprehensive blend of 75 plant derived colloidal minerals is being mined and harvested from the Utah Mountains. Glacier movement left this 30-foot thick deposit of nutrient-rich plants covered in sandstone and free of all moisture or pollutants. The freeze-dried vegetate known as Senonian Trace Minerals™ is sold under the brand SenTraMin™. This GRAS Approved all-natural plant-based mineral blend is used in Estee Lauder cosmetics and is also added to other various foods and beverages. Soon you will be able to find more foods and beauty products listing SenTraMin™ Minerals on their labels. Contact the company at for more information.

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