5 Energy Superfoods

Don’t grab another cup of coffee to stay awake. Start eating healthy snacks and eat high-energy foods to be Alive & Alert! Not only will curbing your coffee habit keep you from the jitters and crashing, you will probably save 300 plus calories if you don’t drink those delicious fancy coffees. Try these five foods to get healthier, long-lasting energy.

5 Energy Superfoods

photo credit: Matthew Byrne via photopin cc

Macadamia Nuts

These high fiber nuts are excellent sources of protein and they provide good fat, iron, magnesium and antioxidants.


These fun soybeans are packed full of carbs, protein and good fat, which your body metabolizes slowly for more sustained energy. These great little beans are tasty when boiled. You can also find them freeze dried with wasabi or other seasonings that make a great take along snack.


This super fish is loaded with amino acids and protein that supply long-lasting energy. It also is a good heart-healthy food that helps reduce inflammation.


Noted as one of the best vegetables you can eat, Kale is a superfood that contains important vitamins and fiber.

Wild Blueberries

This is great for lasting energy because blueberries will not spike your blood sugar since they have a low glycemic index. Blueberries also provide potent antioxidants for fighting free-radicals.

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