Anti-Inflammatory Natural Supplements

Anti-inflammatory supplements

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We’ve all experienced inflammation and the pain that goes with it. Whether it be short term pain such as spraining your ankle called acute inflammation, or chronic inflammation which is long term inflammation. There’s also something called “silent inflammation” which is on going inflammation that can go on for a long time without you even realizing it.

The swelling from inflammation is actually there to help that part of your body heal faster as sort of a cast. Although it helps to protect the tissue in the short run, in the long run it can cause muscle and tissue damage. These are some of the natural supplements which can help counter this inflammatory response.


Resveratrol is found in wine as well as grapes, blueberries, cranberries, and peanuts. It’s no wonder why the American Heart Association has recognized the positive effects of drinking red wine. On the other hand, everyone isn’t a wine drinker.

It also comes in capsule form as a natural supplement made from extracted resveratrol not only for anti-inflammatory uses, but also improving the cardiovascular system, reducing risks for heart disease, and having anti-cancer properties. Recent research has also shown that resveratrol may also help to slow or reverse the aging process.


Bromelain is a natural anti-inflammatory enzyme found in pineapple stems. These enzymes have been shown to reduce inflammation and pain in all kinds of arthritic pain including osteoarthritis, sports injuries, and rheumatoid arthritis. This Enzyme Complex supplement includes bromelain, as well as papain, ox bile, pancreatin, and more enzymes which all have a combined effect as natural anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Bromelain enzymes help to increase the production of anti-inflammatory hormones, as well as stopping inflammatory kinins which add to the inflammation process. In cases of sports or other injuries, bromelain also helps to break down abnormal inflammatory clots.


Glucosamine is especially helpful for those over the age of 40, as the body starts to produce less glucosamine around this age. Glucosamine is required to make the joint cartilage which acts as a shock absorber or sponge. If your body isn’t making enough cartrilage, it will result in cartilage erosion which can also lead to osteoarthritis.

Studies have shown that putting glucosamine back into your body can help to restore the cartilage. Glucosamine and Chondroitin, which is another natural component found in cartridge, taken together make a great natural supplement for suppressing inflammation and supporting the cartilage.

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