Do Vitamins Work?

Do Vitamins Work?

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The age old fitness question that everyone wants to know, do vitamin supplements actually work? There has been several studies lately investigating the ability of vitamin supplements to prevent cancer which have had varying results. For the normal fitness enthusiast it is more beneficial to know if vitamins can help with things like boosting energy, improving your immune system, and if they help keep your mind focused.

The best way to insure that your body has all the nutrients it needs is to have a balanced diet full of colorful foods and whole grains. However vitamins can help supplement nutrients that you may lack or replace nutrients that get depleted upon exertion.

What professionals are saying

Most physicians and health professionals who talk about the dangers of vitamins are referring to fat soluble vitamins like vitamin D, vitamin, K and vitamin A. These fat soluble vitamins get stored in the liver and the excess is not expelled the same way water soluble vitamins are. Still, fat soluble vitamins only pose a problem when taken in excess of the daily recommend dose which is why when you read a vitamin supplement label the fat soluble vitamins are lower than the daily dose while water soluble vitamins are much higher than the recommended daily dose.

Water soluble vitamins can be taken in excess since the extra is simply disposed of through your urine. Many water soluble vitamins are essential for having a healthy body and mind. The B vitamins for example help you turn food into energy. Also vitamin B12 has been shown to help with symptoms of depression as shown in a study published by the American Journal of Psychiatry.

In the study researchers found that participants with a vitamin B12 deficiency were 70% more likely to experience symptoms of depression. This shows that it is not only your physical fitness that can benefit from vitamin supplements but also your mind. If you are experiencing depression symptoms the likelihood of you exercising regularly will decrease thus affecting your physical wellness and further causing depression. All this would simply be avoided by making sure your body has all the nutrients it needs.

So do vitamins actually work? Yes, they can be beneficial in making sure your body has everything needed to run optimally.

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