Multivitamins Are Not Created Equal

When you buy a multivitamin make sure to look at the label. Not all multivitamins are the same.

If you chose a multivitamin based solely on the price per bottle, then you might not be comparing apples to apples or 9 Super Fruits to 9 Super Fruits. Look at the infographic below for an example of how the Angel Wings Multivitamin compares to Centrum. Each product is marketed as a one a day multi, but are extremely different.

Angel Wings Comparison

As you can see from the supplement information listed above, the products do not compare. Angel Wings offers over 146 Nutrients with 75 Colloidal Plant Minerals, 9 Exotic Super Fruits and an Anti-Aging complex. If you were walking down the isle of a store and saw both products sitting on the shelf you might think they offered the same value. At first glance each product offers complete daily nutrition, but if you take a look at the label will you notice the major differences.

There are things you must consider when shopping for a good multivitamin:

  1. Amount Per Serving
  2. Servings Per Day
  3. Servings In A Bottle

This information will help you understand which products are good for you health and wallet.

Supplements are not the only consumable item you need to research for the sake of your health.

You should also look at food labels.  Fruits, vegetables, and general groceries do not always offer the same value as alternative brands.

Take the extra 5 minutes to look at the labels and think about what you are buying. If you do this, the products you buy will be healthier and you will notice a difference.

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