Prevent The Flu

Prevent The FluDuring the winter season it is wise to take extra precautions to avoid sickness and especially the flu. The temperature is often unpredictable and getting out in the cold weather can be devastating. One minute it may feel fairly warm outside and then the next minute it may feel extremely cold.
Many people will leave their warm homes to run errands and forget to bring a coat because the weather doesn’t feel too discomforting on the walk to the car. Unfortunately, many people get the flu by doing this because even being exposed to multiple short burst of cold weather can be extremely bad for your health. It only takes a few hours for the weather to become brutally cold the risk of being stuck in the elements without a good coat is not worth it. You may get a headache from the flu, but it’s not like you can sleep it off in a few hours. It is worse than that. There are a lot of symptoms that you do not want.

5 Flu Symptoms You Do Not Want

Flu symptomsEvery year the idea of catching the Flu causes millions of people to get a flu shot. There are even more people who decide to take their chances. Some people feel that the risk is just not worth the hassle. Some people passionately hate needles, and other people simply forget. However, when symptoms start to peak their ugly little head into our lives, we immediately start to worry.
Maybe we should have gotten that flu shot after all.
Before getting all worked up, look at the list below and see if you are experiencing any of these symptoms:

  1. High fever or chills
  2. Severe aches (joint & muscle pain)
  3. Cough and/or sore throat
  4. Headaches
  5. Weakness

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, go see a doctor ASAP. The Flu can be life threatening and you will probably need some good medication.

4 Flu Prevention Tips for Exceptional Health:

  1. Tips to prevent the fluGet a flu shot.
  2. Avoid sick people.
  3. Clean your hands often & avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth.
  4. Take elderberry supplements.

Studies have shown that elderberry actually decreases the duration of the flu by 50% and decreases the severity. Elderberries are used in pie, wine and jam for flavoring. Elderberry is commonly used to help with bacterial sinus infections, high cholesterol, HIV, bronchitis, and many other conditions.
Raw elderberries are known to be poisonous so you have to be careful not to put yourself at risk. Find a good multi vitamin that contains quality elderberry. There are only a few products on the market that contain elderberry, so you definitely need to check the label before making a purchase.

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